CVCA Industry Policy Committee

CVCA Industry Policy Committee (IPC) supports the industry policy and government relationships activities of CVCA with enhanced professionalism and resources and hence better meet the needs of members, and the industry overall, in all industry policy related areas.

IPC will hold committee meetings at regular intervals to summarize the latest industry policy trends, develop action plans, organize activities related to industry policy and provide support for industry policy programs, outreach, white papers, and CVCA policy study.

Application & Responsibilities

IPC membership is open only to all CVCA members. Each member company will be entitled to one official seat, preferably designated to a senior management executive who is responsible for industry policy-related functional areas within their company.

IPC will elect a Chairman to lead committee activities. The term of the Chairman will be two years and only regular members of CVCA can assume the position of Chairman. The next IPC Chairman will be proposed by the members of the Committee and approved by CVCA's Board of Governors. IPC will invite members from professional firms to form a professional advisory team.

CVCA's Secretariat office will be responsible for the daily operations of the Committee.

Mr. Duane KUANG

Founding Managing Partner
Qiming Venture Partners
IPC Advisors:
Members Organizations
Application form
Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding to the Industry Policy Committee.

TEL:86 10 5929 8624
E-mail:[email protected]
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